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Straight top lifting platform common problems and troubleshooting methods

Data: 2019-09-15
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The straight-top lifting platform, also called the rail-type lifting platform (referred to as the “lifting machine”), is a simple lifting machine for vertical lifting operations (also called lifting freight elevator). It is used for vertical transportation of goods between floors, and is directly fixed on both sides of the carrying platform. The hydraulic cylinder vertically lifts the full hydraulic lift. The hydraulic cylinder is lifted up, and after being lifted to the target height, the limit switch is automatically flush with the floor. Due to the characteristics of the force-receiving structure of the straight-top lifting platform, its life is far greater than that of the traditional lifting platform. The straight-top lifting machine is widely used in places with heavy load and high frequency of use, such as warehouses, factories, shopping malls, etc. The loading and unloading efficiency brought by the straight top lifting platform is obvious. Due to the high frequency of use, there will be some problems in daily operation. Today, Sanneng Xiaobian will explain to you one by one, I hope to help you:

Frequently Asked Questions one : Lifting platform can't rise

cause of issue:

1. The motor power supply is abnormal or the motor is reversed.

2. The hydraulic oil is insufficient or no hydraulic oil or hydraulic oil is deteriorated;

3。 The oil filter is clogged;

4。 The gear pump is seriously worn or damaged。

5. The connection between the oil suction pipe and the gear pump is loose or leaking;

elimination method:

1. Check the line, adjust and correctly connect the motor power supply or adjust the steering;

2. Add hydraulic oil or replace hydraulic oil;

3. Clean the oil filter and replace the hydraulic oil;

4. Replace the gear pump;

5。 Re-tighten the suction pipe。

Frequently Asked Questions two : Lifting platform does not fall

cause of issue:

1. The down regulating valve is stuck or closed;

2。 The normally closed valve is stuck;

3. The normally closed valve power supply is not connected or the voltage is insufficient;

elimination method:

1. Open the down regulating valve;

2。 Cleaning the normally closed valve;

3. Check the wiring and check the voltage correctly;

Frequently Asked Question three : The lifting platform is falling or rising too fast or too slow

Fault reason: the adjustment of the down or up speed control valve is not accurate;

Remedy: Re-adjust the lowering or rising adjustment valve;

Frequently Asked Questions four : Oil leakage from the internal structure of the lifting platform

Fault reason:  The cause of the failure: the piston seal is aging;

Remedy: replace the piston;

Frequently Asked Question 5: Oil leakage from the external structure of the lifting platform

cause of issue:

1. The seal of the protruding end of the piston rod and the piston rod is damaged or aged;

2. The seal of the protruding end of the piston rod and the cylinder sleeve is damaged or aged;

3。 Cracking of the oil cylinder inlet and outlet oil pipe joints;

elimination method:

1. Replace the oil seal;

2. Change the oil seal;

3, replace the oil pipe

In the face of the above common problems, you can check the problems that arise according to the operating instructions of the straight-top lifting platform to find out the correct solution。 In case of uncertainty, you need to call the manufacturer for consultation or a professional for repair, and do not dismantle it。

Straight top lifting platform common problems and troubleshooting methods

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