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What are the advantages and characteristics of the scissor lift?

Data: 2019-08-11
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Scissor lifts, also known as scissor hydraulic lifting platforms, are often classified into fixed and mobile. They are vertical lifts for high-altitude equipment for indoor and outdoor work. It is widely used in high-altitude equipment installation, overhaul, maintenance, cleaning, paint decoration, replacement lamps, etc. in factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, airports, automobile 4S shops, docks and other high-rise construction sites, as well as cargo lifting and rescue work between floors. The high-altitude operations of exhibitions, elevated pipelines, construction, municipal engineering, electric power, fire-fighting advertisements, etc., are applicable to a wide range.

What are the advantages and characteristics of the scissor lift?

                                                   Fixed hydraulic scissor lift platform

What are the advantages and characteristics of the scissor lift?

                                                 Mobile hydraulic scissor lift platform

The scissor lift platform has excellent stability and high bearing capacity, which is inseparable from its unique scissor structure。 In addition, the scissor lift has low noise, large stroke and small space。 The advantages of using a large space。

The reason why the scissor lift platform is suitable for most high-altitude work places is that its unique structure determines the powerful lifting function, which makes the work at height easier, faster, more efficient, safer and more secure. Its main structure includes hydraulic system, channel, and lifting structure. The hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic system is the main part. During daily inspection and maintenance, the inspection of the hydraulic cylinder must be very careful and cautious.

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