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It is not difficult to install the tailgate, but it is not easy to do good quality.

Data: 2019-05-18
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In the tailgate industry for more than a year, the same boring installation work was repeated every day, and I gradually liked the job. The installation of the tailgate is not only a test of physical strength, but also an assessment of the technology. From the post technical training, a preliminary understanding of the basic structure of the tailgate, the installation steps to the one-stop single-shot, and it takes three months to sharpen. The quality requirements of the three tailgates are strict. Only keep in mind the operating specifications and constantly strict requirements, do a good job of each process and do a self-test, in order to complete the work with quality and quantity. In order to improve the installation speed, we need to constantly think about the assembly of each component during installation. Every time we see our own installed tailgate, our heart is full of sense of accomplishment.

Every training session that is not beaten is not only a summary and analysis of last week's work or temporary problems, but also an introspection of its own inadequacy and the ability to improve its own response to emergencies。 Some of the problems are repeated and mentioned at first, but they are beginning to feel redundant。 However, in the long-term work, some small problems are neglected, but they are often mentioned in training and learning, which can play a vigilant role。 Small problems cannot be ignored or slacked。 Regardless of the appearance or the functional components, the quality must be done from a small place, in order to ensure the overall quality of the tailgate, and safely handed over to the customer。

Although the installation of the tailgate is not difficult, the work of various components and procedures is cumbersome and technical, such as cutting, grinding, welding, testing, debugging, etc. Quality in the heart is a must for the tailgate.

It is not difficult to install the tailgate, but it is not easy to do good quality.

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